Formal Gowns

We have vast experience in stitching Gowns, we also offer costume stitching services for all types of Gowns. You can submit your measurement online and select the material, fabric, design, and color. We will ship the dress to you as soon as possible.
After completing this step you move on to the next-
select your pattern and fabric
• If want us to make pattern and designs then you must provide sample to make it and it will be charged extra for making the pattern and designers.
• We providing the fast delivery services.
•We have various types of materials & fabric .
• Cotton tulle – sheer, coarse, soft, cool (Bridal)
• Cashmere – soft, airy, warm, hypoallergenic, absorbent (little black)
• Worsted wool – soft, smooth, warm, lightweight, absorbent, durable (little black)
• Cotton – absorbent, durable, safe to skin, not subjected to static electricity (casual)

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