Lengthening services

On the tall side? talk to one of our teams about our lengthening services. We can lengthen most garments that are too short for you. Lengthen pants, dresses, skirts, jackets and shirts.

Our staff comprises of highly trained tailors with years of experience on their back. They make sure that when you leave our outlet your dress is inch-perfect and flawless. Client satisfaction and contentment is the backbone of our business.

A tailor that you can trust!
Our seamstress has over two decades of experience working on the most specialised of garments, our tailoring services are especially useful for anyone looking to refit into their existing garments such as suits and dresses for work or general fashion.
In our KINGSMAN TAILOR, we have agents and a ladies’ fitting room so that you can get an accurate measurement of the garment you need to be altered.
We provide services for shortening of trousers, dresses, sleeves, and other garments taking the waist in for trousers, dresses, etc.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Full & Half Canvas Explained $11 Praesent eu quam lacus. Aliquam magna tellus, ultrices aliquet tristique sed, dapibus et lacus. Aenean eu facilisis augue. Fusce sed nunc varius sem iaculis dictum a non nibh. In faucibus fringilla purus, vitae semper mi posuere dictum.
2 Personal Tailoring $15 Vestibulum tristique ligula in sodales cursus. Integer condimentum, nisl id molestie fringilla, diam magna maximus orci, quis lacinia tortor tellus eu leo.
3 Made To Measure Shirts $25 Quisque interdum tellus magna, in imperdiet ante fringilla auctor. Nam sapien ipsum, molestie ac scelerisque vel, mollis ac mi. Duis efficitur justo a arcu ultricies, sed fringilla odio gravida.
4 Bespoke $45 Proin efficitur sodales porttitor. Nullam commodo felis et magna bibendum tempor. Donec finibus odio ut vulputate tempor. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Etiam aliquam mi tortor, sit amet feugiat lacus dictum elementum.

Clothing for non-standard, large sizes

High-end suits. Fast and Qualitatively.

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